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  2. Wolc- you are cleaning Fish while they are still Alive?
  3. Next pandemic in the works. Some will escape and a new version of the plague will miraculously appear. Lol
  4. I think the logo is a keeper! Roll the merch! I like fried fish. I've never worn skinny jeans. I prefer to shoot bucks with a little age on em. But who knows, I may shoot a button buck this season. Just for his roasted nuts? I'm now up to date on this thread.
  5. Welcome to our newest members!!! Grizekb Steve Pete Roger's daler Great to have you guy's here!
  6. If there is no rust I would just re-season with the paste. Maybe scrape down a little an give it a good wash prior to.
  7. I live close by but don't hunt it but it is heavily h7nted and atv park is pretty active
  8. And my cameras are on the important things, like these two 12 packs of Genny Bock, awaiting my return !
  9. The market is wide open.
  10. Yesterday
  11. So I want to touch up my cooking surface and was given the official blackstone seasoning "paste" a while back. It's no where near rusted but I have some bare spots. Do y'all think I can just retreat the surface with the blackstone seasoning paste (heat, treat, heat, treat for a couple rounds) or do I need to strip what's there before retreating?.
  12. I wonder if anyone has cornered the market and technique on sperm collection to enhance the species development. ForSureWe know a guy who dabbles in that trade!
  13. I think the logo is very good as is. My favorite part about it, is that the deer is front and center. My second favorite part is the grouse. I’d tweak the antlers and make them just a little bit smaller on the deer and change the trout to a smallmouth if I could, but I can deal with it, like it is right now. Im going to try and catch a trout this weekend, and I will like it a little better if I do.
  14. Enjoy ! But I drained it prior to leaving , I’m surprised my cop neighbor who has a clear view of the tub didn’t notify me or release his dogs at least . Anyways when you two are “ done” close the lid . I’ll bleach it when I’m back ….
  15. Me and @Doebuck1234 are drinking Genny’s in your hot tub. Don’t you check your security cams???
  16. Grilled venison eye of round!
  17. neither- it's about the go live date of the store for t-shirts!
  18. That's me as a Young Man and now- lol!
  19. I bet @Chef has some fancy japanese knives
  20. nothing fancy for us. Just buy a henckels or zwilling block set every few years- whatever it is 15 piece i think?
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