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  2. So here's a question for you since you live near the border . If you are hunting on state land that crosses the border into Massachusetts and you shoot a deer that could be on the Massachusetts side, but you parked on the New York side, is that a legal kill, or did you technically just break the law? Are lands marked with signs in woods where exactly the border is in places like that on public land that crosses over?
  3. I just have to keep hiking . And eating right . And stop smoking I am down to 2 a day . Which I think is good .
  4. They want me to try this new one e that is an Infusion but you have to tolerate statins . So I am scared to try it. I said to the doctor are you trying to kill me and he did a evil laugh
  5. I am allergic to statins . They have had me on alot of stuff the stations put me in the hospital . The only one that worked was raptha . But now my insurance won't pay for it . Go figure
  6. Curious as to why not use a statin to lower what are or were astronomical high cholesterol numbers? Statins are some of the most studied and effective medications out there. Plus all the great ones are now off patent and available as generics which means cheap. I admire anyone that tries to change their bodies for the better without meds, but statins are super safe and can and do save lives.
  7. While you're in the area, do you want to come put the lights up at my house and get my wife off my back?
  8. for sure. I saw him in velvet in August and almost swallowed my tongue, he crossed the road right near where I saw him today. Then this season we had lots of pics of him and I saw him in the stand @40 with the crossbow, but he was hard to my right and behind me and couldn't get a shot. Called him back to within 80 but that's of course a no-shot. He's been all over our place and was hoping he made it. '23 Waypoint 40.MP4 '23 point 32.MP4 '23 point 25.MP4
  9. nywaw


    Happy birthday @mowin!
  10. Today
  11. Happy birthday, @mowin Many more!
  12. Enjoy your day !!!!
  13. Great questions! Might have to capture the does, eartag them, insert vaginal transmitter, then eartag the newborn males. Then one could look at tag colors/ numbers of doe/BB groups to determine relationships. Curious how come NYS doesn't do much deer studies relative to other states?
  14. Pygmy


    Happy Birthday, My Friend !!.. Heck, when I was your age I could still......Never mind.........
  15. Use some exclusion cages to test your hypothesis. Measure 10 random ferns. Cage them. Measure 10 other random ferns. Don't cage them. Come back in a month and remeasure. A fun winter project.
  16. Happy Buck Down Birthday !
  17. Duckduckgo for the win, zero adds!
  18. Heck of a buck, congrats. I’m hoping to be out there in a few weeks with the muzzloader if I can fill my other NY tag.
  19. Never argue with the “smartest guy in the room.” I can tell you that the educated folk didn’t do that study in the mountains. Everywhere in the northeast that I’ve hunted big woods, deer dig up ferns and eat the roots/bulbs. When the snows on and they’re still green they’ll eat the plant as well. I’m sure they’d rather eat alfalfa or corn but when that ain’t available deer eat ferns.
  20. Happy Birthday @mowin Hope you get a big buck today!
  21. I've actually found "fern" leaves in the mouth of a doe that I shot after watching her seek out those leaves as she was travelling down the side of a gully bank. That being said, I'm no plant ID expert and maybe they really aren't ferns (although they sure look like it to me). But it was definitely cold when this happened, no snow on the ground.
  22. Congrats to those that scored, good luck to those hunting . I’ll be live from Tonawanda today , working on our daughters lengthy list of tasks , Outside Christmas lights, attic insulation, floor repair ,shelving up, others down lol . Sat. Is looking worse by the day 70% rain now up from 20% not sure I’ll get out with the other daughter now .
  23. a few more pics he just sent from last night. 4pm with shotgun in 3N (Putnam County) yesterday. 139lbs dressed. 2 buck season so he’s tagged out.
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