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  2. That's not a bit of fun. Amazing and scary how one computer glitch can cause so many issues. And weird random stuff. Our DMV here had to shut down and put payroll system didn't work for a bit. Best of luck and hope you're headed home soon
  3. I have never seen Steele in Real Life- but back in the 1980s in the Warehouse,I worked at- Pro Wrestling was a big topic in the Breakroom with all Age groups. One of the better matches, I saw from around Row 7 or so and close to the ring at the Meadowlands was Ivan Putski vs Olympic Weightlifting Medalist- Ken Patera.
  4. Damn that sucks. I was supposed to have been flying out west this week for work but my trip got delayed for a few weeks. Hopefully, they’ve got the current mess corrected by then. I’ve only ever spent one night in an airport and that was plenty for me. Things get pretty weird from about 3-4 am don’t they ? Just the cleaners are up and moving around then. The older I get, the less I like flying. I’m trying to train a new guy, to do what I got to do while away, so hopefully I can reduce or eliminate that completely in my last (5) years of gainful employment. There’s no place like home and flying really is for the birds and getting worse all the time. At least Vegas is not a horrible airport to be stuck at, with all the slot machines and decent food. I was stuck in Charolette NC, which was much worse. I’m praying for your safe and not too horribly delayed return.
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  6. This software "glitch" is f-ing everyone who was traveling. In stuck in Las Vegas. I was scheduled to fly out at 7am on Friday then 1am Saturday then 10:30am Saturday and now they're saying the earliest will be Monday.... All of the hotels are packed and the rental cars are gone. I've been up for 23hrs. and I'm starting to get aggravated.
  7. Plenty more Artemis tonight and beers. Steak, lamb, etc. in DC
  8. Smoked Buffalo garlic parm wings
  9. I don’t get why everyone keeps bringing up MO. She’s never expressed even the slightest interest in it.
  10. I said she would win. Even a lot of people on the Right seem to adore that woman. Not much of a step up from Hilary in my opinion.
  11. I've said for probably 2 yrs, that Michael Obama will be the Democrat candidate. And you are absolutely correct, he will win.
  12. Be careful what you wish for. Many of us wanted Cuomo gone and look how that's turned out. On the big stage look for them to try and bring in Michelle Obama. She'll crush Trump because the people rarely vote on policy anymore, it's all about the social media presence and popularity. Which is why I stand my ground that all of them should stay off it. Look how many people voted for Biden just because they didn't like the way trump spouted off, it didn't matter how much good he did for this country, all that mattered was how he spoke and his on line presence.
  13. DirtTime


    No garage. I read through the lease, and apparently no hanging game or processing game in the community. Or at least where it can be seen. Guy next door hunts, I should ask him what he does. Went for a hike this morning, found some promising sign for deer. Not stoked yet, I was never a fan of trying to reestablish decent hunting grounds on state land. Usually I do a lot of scouting, then opening morning where are I want to go is packed. Going to seem odd being out for the early ML opener this year and be able to start with the bow on the 27th of September and not have to drive for hours.
  14. Crappy pic. But he looks to have potential.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Exceptable. Ideal, no. Fully understand your addiction to thick smoke. 🔥
  17. I'd love to say 270 or something sexy like that, but due to my blackpowder addiction, I'm taking the hawken as my primary. If I can't get it done in the first 3 days, I'll switch to the centerfire.
  18. Met. Him. Salty dog. Hulk hogan. Dick the destroyer. Machoman randy savage, And many other from that time when I work at hotel in my teens in the late 80. Most were really nice guys.
  19. mowin

    Whats smokin!!

    I did a whole hog last yr, And some guy comes along and starts going for the jowl meat. I gave him a look and said, did you cook this thing for 10 hrs? No.. well I'd advise you to leave those alone.. he laughed and said I he was checking to see if I knew what I was doing. He didn't get any.
  20. Oh now you are talking man. That is the best. Everything we did one my buddies put head on top of 275 gallon tank cooker. Never cooked it with head on I told them there's some good meat on the head. My buddy went from that to one of the box Chinese cookers.
  21. mowin

    Whats smokin!!

    We can't either.. I'm looking forward to the jowl meat. Those are saved for the pit master (me). Lol.
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