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Predator bait stations

Water Rat

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This is the time of year where I like to start making bait stations just to see what kind of predators might be around come next season. I start off with some garden fencing nailed to a tree with some venison scraps in between the tree and the fencing. I do this so the predators can't run off with it. They have to stick around and work for it if they want a free meal. Then I set up a trail camera about 10-15 feet away. I get all the venison scraps I need from the local deer butcher during deer season. I usually check the location in the spring to make sure there's no foliage setting off the camera when the wind blows. The daytime photos usually show songbirds and crows but the nightime photos usually show the predators. I just completed 2 bait stations yesterday and hope to do a few more. Last year I captured a photo of a small black bear.....a first for me.


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I pulled a couple of memory cards while turkey hunting last month. There was a pair of red tail hawks that picked me clean at one bait station. I also had some coyotes working the bait but they were real skittish. Unfortunately I had a problem downloading those photo's onto my computer. Here's a sampling of what stopped by :


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