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Don't Blink. Life is shorter than you think.


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Hello Everybody, 

Just some ramblings of a old backwoodsman.

Take care, Brian

Don’t Blink. Life is shorter than you think.

Remember when you were young

Climbing mountains just see what was on the other side

The Wet and Cold could not stop your quest

You made mistakes again and again but kept climbing those mountains just to see what was on the other side

The forest and streams became a part of you

Chasing game and fish became a way of life

The mountains are steeper now to climb, the wet and cold chills more, but the forest and streams are still a part of you.

You vow to chase game and fish as long as you can.

And when you can’t climb those mountains physically anymore you will continue even if it is only in your mind.

Don't Blink Picture.jpg

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