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Transom saver


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I always run one on my boat even though the launch is 2 miles.  It only takes about a minute to hook up. 

That being said Ive had small aluminum boats with small engines that I didn't use one for years and never had a problem.  But a 25 is a fairly heavy motor and I had 4,6,9 hp on my smaller boats. 

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I have used them for all my boats for many, many years. Even on small boats and motors. Locking the lower unit to the trailer, helps each time you go over even a small bump on the road. To keep the motor from moving on the transom. Any movement "could" cause flex in the transom. leading to possible wear and stress.  At worse, I don't think it hurts anything. And it only takes a second to hook up for piece of mind. JMO

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