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Rooster kills man.


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That's rough.Some roosters are just mean.  We always had a couple roosters around. When my daughter was around 10, one wouldn't back off. She was always taught, not to turn your back on them and just keep on kicking or hitting until it ran away or stopped moving. This one wouldn't do either.  We ate him that week..

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2 minutes ago, DirtTime said:

This is too easy to take and run with it. Is "The Irish Examiner" a reputable rag or is it like the Enquirer here?


I guess that's a good question. But for now I gotta say it's definitely possible. 

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There was an older black guy, called Rooster that lived near the firehouse ,every cop and FF knew him . He’d come by drunk and play the harmonica for us ,he was really good . He did odd jobs for some do gooder women in  Brighton .

Rooster sure called 911 a lot ,but never killed anyone ,we knew of anyways although one night we got a call after he hit his girlfriend in the head with a pipe wrench . 


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