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I made it to the auction late this evening (wife’s Zumba night) and missed some killer deals. Oh well…

I did get a great score on a Pietta 1858 Target. It was listed as an 1860. The cylinder wouldn’t lock up, but I noticed the mainspring screw was missing. I figured that was an easy enough fix. Obviously others noticed the locking issues, asI bought it for a song with a spare cylinder. Got it home, took the grips off and inside the mainspring housing sat a little screw pushed into a piece of foam, the missing mainspring screw :)

Now I just need to decide if I’m going to keep this nice little BP shooter, or flip it. 


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2 minutes ago, sbuff said:

Is that the gun auction they run in Bspa every month or so ,I need to make a visit.

Do they have modern long guns and hand guns too?

Yes, 4th Thursday of each month. There’s a huge mix of stuff. Usually 50 guns, mostly cartridge long and handguns.


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