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Pietta 1858 Target with Extra Cylinder


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Just in case anyone is interested. Also posted on another forum.

For sale is a Pietta 1858 Target 44 with an extra cylinder. Gun is not new, but is in very good condition. Bore is fantastic, it cycles and locks tight. I have not shot it, but see no reason that it won’t make someone a great little shooter. 

Price is $350+actual shipping. Not really looking for anything in trade, but I’m always open to considering them. Let me know if you have any questions or would like more photos.IMG_2330.jpeg.ae6f69d6e50f5339302c7ca47ba562f5.jpegIMG_2331.jpeg.55c7285762adc16e57200595593539a6.jpegIMG_2332.jpeg.30feb8b5b4e296240acc4211babde04b.jpegIMG_2333.jpeg.1ad6ed1543a5064f334bff0a0737b4a5.jpegIMG_2335.jpeg.8342bd2e313259d083be1897c383967e.jpegIMG_2337.jpeg.953895efb8d0abb03c727b07fb36c14f.jpegIMG_2338.jpeg.163cd24e7d15d0ee77d986032f170ef5.jpegIMG_2339.jpeg.d134feac23b592b23f36927e119b9c25.jpeg

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