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NY/NJ Mountain Hiking


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I've never hiked any of those . When I lived in CT for a bit I hiked many of the mtns north of Salisbury CT. Along the CT, MA,  and NY border. Most of the time not using a trail . I remember the mountain laurel being quite a challenge to navigate near the tops. Interesting that I don't see any of mtn laurel in the northern ADKs.

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3 hours ago, Bucksnbows said:

Newsflash: I live in northern New Jersey. We have hills but not any mountains. :P

They are not that high- but definitely  named Mountains. Ringwood  State Park has Cupsaw Mt.-- see it listed on the map. I have hiked that one Dozens of times.  Bald Mountain  is listed. Rocky Mt. Governor Mt.-- alot of views on that one.

 Ramapo  Mountain  State Forest- there is Windbeam Mt. And,I always wanted to visit Campgaw Mt.

 Maps below will verify what I wrote.






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17 minutes ago, hemlock said:

Back in the 80's i hunted skunnymonk mountain .  I remember seeing remains of plane crashes and a main trail that winded up the hill. I believe it was the trail you hiked but not certain.  

The Sweet Clover Trail. There is now a parking area on Taylor road with a info kiosk and maps of the Mt. I believe  the foothills can be hunted with a special  permit



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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