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Its about that time..


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Its fast approaching leek/ramp season.  The earlier you harves the hotter the bulb/ root will be.. if you like them milder let them get some age before harvest! 

Dont forget the greens are great on sandwiches in place  of lettuce and are colorful additions to a leek dip. 

Anyone have a favorite recipe they wish to share?

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I like to separate the bulbs from the leaves, then sauté the bulbs for a bit with olive oil, salt and pepper until the get soft.  ThenI’ll quickly do the same with the leaves in the same pan.  An excellent side dish.

I also just coat them with olive pool, salt and pepper and then grill them quickly on a very hot grill.   Let the leaves char up a bit.  I haven’t tried them on the Blackstone, but I’ll bet they would work there too.  

I have also pickled the bulbs, very good, although they get soft after a year in the jar. 

I’ve got a nice patch on my property, so I know just where and when to go for them.  It’s one of my turkey spots too, so early in the season I bring a trowel and a plastic bag with me. 

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