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Credit Card Company Seeks to “Discover” (and Report) Your Gun-Related Purchases


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What’s in your wallet? If it’s a Discover credit card, be advised that it will soon be used to monitor your gun-related purchases and potentially report them to the government. Earlier this month, Discover was the first major credit card issuer to announce that it will implement a new merchant category code (MCC) created to track purchases at gun stores with the express purpose of monitoring and reporting to authorities any activity the company considers “suspicious.” Discover told news outlet Reuters that it would begin its surveillances of gun shop purchases in April.

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I just called Discover since I have that credit card. Gentleman I spoke with said that “5723” code will be used by all merchants for guns and ammo sales. It doesn’t matter if it is suspicious or not. If you use a credit card to purchase a gun or ammo and that code is sent to the credit card company it is automatically sent to the government. Doesn’t need to be “suspicious.” They see the code the government will know. They won’t know exactly what you bought, but they will know you bought a gun or ammo. This shit is getting out of control. Suprised no one comments on any of these articles and links that get posted. Thank you for posting them and keeping us informed on how the government is trying to f*** us for exercising a right. 

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