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Got my 2021 KY buck back


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Got my KY buck back from 2021. Long winded back story....

In November of 2021, dad and I went on a DIY deer hunt in mountains of Estill Co in central Kentucky. We leased a private tract of land spanning two mountains, with help of a family member who's doing the outfitter thing. Pretty rugged terrain with switch backs and steap topo. I pick the south peak to focus on based on multiple cell cams I had running for months. North mountain was far easier to access anyway for my dad.

Called this guy in using some Tinks scent Bombs off to my flanks in case any buck tried to circle and cut my wind. Also sent out doe bleats and tending grunts with idea to draw deer from a deep and thick ravine. This guy came up out and stopped in thick cover behind me, got nervous he wasnt seeing what he smelled and heard, and was ready to head back down into the thick ravine. He turned his head and I saw the 12" G2 to confirm he was 1 of 2 on my hit list. I watched bucks disappear on this same path all day. Only shot I had was where he was and a frontal chest shot. Within probably 40 or so yards the 178gr Hornady ELDX took him off his feet and then tumbling down the side of the mountain. Part of it blew out the side of the neck though making a giant ragged baseball sized hole. Had to hunt for a replacement cape right size preferably with a darker brisket which is why it took so long. Eye to nose was something around 7.5 and neck was 20" I believe. Cape has unique black brisket like my buck but with white mixed in. Lower jaw bone and cementum annuli analysis from Matson lab confirmed it to be 4.5 yrs. Didnt have means to weigh it but based on educated guess somewhere in the 170s. Some great taxidermists/artists in here but this one was done by CK Taxidermy in Albany NY.





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57 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Monster. congrats again. I've been wanting to hunt KY for years but never pull the trigger.

Funny thing is where I was doesn't even have the most potential without supplemental feed and its really not that big. No ag or food plots around but lots of age structure. Head out in western Kentucky and the deer get massive. Lots of ag fertile ground and rich horse farms to lease. Taxidermist that prepped it for trip home said he gets much smaller mature deer in Estill Co. However he has guys from Florida that own a farm and run feeders all year with a special mix of race horse feed and other mineral supplements. They take two to three booners every year. Drop them off, pick up pay for mounts from last year, and then say see you in a year.

The DNR posts the top B&C bucks from previous season in regs guide.

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