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If You Are On Multiple Sites- Do You Bother To Log Off All Of Them?


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    I am a member of 5 Sites.  I don't  think  I have ever Logged off of - Gobbler Nation. I usually  just Lurk over there and throw up an occasional  post. Member for over 5 Years there.

   I no longer bother to Log off of- Old Gobbler. Probably  been Logged on the last 3 years. I am on that site on a regular basis.

 I do remember to Log off on this site- nywoodsandwaters as well as njwoodsandwaters.

   I think I have been logged on over at huntingny for the past 2 weeks or so. I figure with 5 sites- might as well stay logged in.

    So do you Log off on your Multiple  Sites or does it really matter?





Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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I never manually log off.  Most sites will require logging back in after a period of time (although it could be quite a long period that a session cookie is valid depending on the configuration).  Or if I do a cleanup process where I clear/delete my website data and cookies, then I'll be forced to log back in.  At any given moment, I have anywhere from 20 to 50+ tabs open in my browsers PER machine, viewing or working on various things.  My current desktop where I'm typing this has 43 tabs right now haha.  

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