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Various Sidelock Muzzleloaders and Barrels


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In an effort to save myself some time (I've already spent more than I expected), I'll just lump these bad boys together in one post and you can let me know if you'd like more information. A friend of mine is having a Bob Woodfill smooth rifle built, and is getting rid of some of his Thompson Center guns and barrels. Here's what he has:

1. Thompson Center Firehawk (see posting on the classifieds).

2. SOLD A 62 caliber (20ga.) Green Mountain Barrel for a TC Renegade or 1" Hawken. It is as new and appears unfired. 

3. SOLD A Thompson Center Renegade in .54 caliber. Good condition with a nice bore.

4. SOLD: A Thompson Center Renegade with a .54 caliber rifle barrel. The .54 is in good condition with a nice bore. 

5. $550: A Thompson Center Pennsylvania Hunter Flintlock Carbine Stock with an unfired .50 caliber Green Mountain Barrel. Gun is in good shape. This one would be my pick of the lot, it's really a nice feeling and handling gun.

6. $550: A Thompson Center Pennsylvania Hunter Flintlock 50 cal.  with a Davis Lock and a Single Set Trigger. He said that this one is one of the best shooting roundball production guns he has. I think it's the one that he hates to get rid of the most :)

Just a few pictures for here, but I can get you more if you're interested. He is willing to ship (buyer pays), but would prefer pick-up in the Corinth/Bolton/Ballston Spa area.  






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1 minute ago, Browndogs said:

Hi Leland

is the TC carbine still available?

Yes, but just a note, as the "carbine" can be deceiving. It started it's life as a carbine, but with the new 32" Green Mountain barrel, it's a bit longer than what I would consider a "carbine", though that is what my friend prefers to call it :)

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