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Site Logo - First Revision is LIVE!


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Alright, it took awhile to get to this point but I wanted to get the first revision of our finalized design/layout out there for the members!
We will be refining this further as we move along, and any feedback is always welcome!
I would stress this is NOT merchandise ready yet and is likely to change to some degree as we feel out sizing, positioning, colors, etc.

It might seem simple, but we went through a lot of iterations already on various concepts.  Huge thanks to the mods for their input along the way!
I hope you all like it! :up:

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12 minutes ago, Spysar said:

The NY shape, looks like a melting icecube. And what about using a members real buck for the antlers? Or the NY state record?

It really looks good and I couldn't do better, just some ideas...


ha I didn't notice the shape of NY till you said that. It does look a little soft haha.

Different opinion on antlers myself. I think the too big or record antlers are a little gaudy to me. There isn't much sweeter than a nice 3.5 year old typical 8 or 10. Just my .02 if we're sharing thoughts.

"Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching, even when the wrong thing is legal"

-Aldo Leopold 

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