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3/15 Upload- Turkey Hunting When The Weather Is Horrible.


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24 minutes ago, mowin said:

Mine is too stay inside, lol.  Except for opening day unless it's just a torrential downpour.  

If it is raining,I get to my parking area around 4am and just sit with my Coffee and Nap.

  If the Rain Stops early,I get in there quickly before a Tidal Wave of Trucks Arrive- lol.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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Don’t have time to watch the video but if I could remember them all I’d bet I’ve killed more than half of my birds on rainy and or windy days. It fits my style of hunting perfectly. I can get away with more movement and get in closer when the weather is ugly. If I got to pick my turkey hunting weather I’d take 3 days of thunderstorms over 31 clear calm days and I would kill the same amount of turkeys. 

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wasn't going to watch the video either but skimmed through it. I agree and that's what I do. I'd even add elevation to that. I've even seen coyotes bust out from a field edge or backside of a knoll with longbeards strutting or hens mill around within our hay fields. they ditch the yotes quick because they basically pitch off the top to cover more ground in a hurry. coyote didn't even bother running in their direction each time. get really hard intermittent down pours and I can almost guarantee there will be a turkey in a couple spots on the farm. i find it odd they just don't go to roost to ride out a hard rain.

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