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Removing camo dipping


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I have 2 cantilever barrels for a Browning BPS. They are camo dipped finish. I’d like to get the camo removed and then get the barrels blued. Anyone have any experience with removing this or know someone who does??  Haven’t found much in the way of DIY online. Thanks


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1 hour ago, lucky118 said:

Buy a blued barrel lol

That was my intention. Could not find any in the US. Only Canada. Both places there said they will not ship to US as it will not make it over the border. Browning said they will never make any more so if I wanted them buy the camo ones because if I don’t I will be SOL and never get one. 

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1 hour ago, Farflung said:

just curious (well, nosey). Why do you want the camo dip finish removed? What is the  gun used for?

Going to mount a scope on it. Will go on my BPS and be used for deer hunting. Don’t like the look of the camo barrel with the blued receiver and the wood stock and forearm

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you have to find someone with a sand blaster and use aluminum oxide media to strip paint. then reblue. denatured alcohol, acetone, Xylene, naphtha, and others probably won't strip it because it's meant to be solvent resistant after it drys.

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