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Worked on a Shotgun I'd never seen before


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A family member had another family member give him a semi-auto 20ga 3" shotgun that was a Sarsilmaz SA-X 700 made in Turkey. Bird barrel and threaded full choke. It was an odd one that wasn't functioning. I managed to get it stripped down and cleaned. It has a reversible gas piston/sleeve. goes on one way for "light loads" and opposite way for "heavy loads". it's a different design as it doesn't load and unload like a Benelli or traditional semi-auto shotguns. it "knows" when the trigger is pulled versus just loading it. button safety, bolt release button, trigger, and a button in front of trigger group at the end of the load gate.

supposedly these are more intended for NATO and tactical use when I researched it. i couldn't get it to cycle 7.5 bird shot in a general purpose clays/game loads from walmart. heavier high brass upland game loads it stove piped which was odd, because i feel like that typically means an over gassed situation.  buffered lead #5 Remington Nitro Turkey it cycled perfectly. if i had buck shot or rifled slugs (and a more open choke) it'd probably cycle great too. very odd gun. link to the gun for reference below.... in trying to figure it out i didn't take photos.

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