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3/21/23- 1st Gobble Of The Year In My Area!


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   1st Gobble of the Year down here in Orange County! Chilly Morning  too. 

  I have 3 Jakes  out of the 11,I feed every Morning. Just came in from walking among them and talking to them a bit.

   They sound like Mature Gobblers. No half- Gobble or one that " Trails" off at the end Notes.

  And 2 of the Jakes are Strutting.  3rd one -- not yet. He is last in the Pecking order- lol.

  There is one Skiddish Hen that gets Bullied as well by the other Hens. She is the fastest and looks the best too.  

 Humans are much like Turkeys with the Bullying, Gangups,and Pecking order.

  Check out the pic below. Townhouses to the right. 2 Strutting Jake's. 

  A certain business  recently  put in place Concrete Spacers when their Neighbor put right up to the parking area- big Pipes.  Used to have 2 Bowhunters park way back there- but that is off the Table now. Check below.





Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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