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"The Girls Are Back"

Cabin Fever

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For the past 3 years now, we've had a group of 5 hens that show up in our yard during the last few days of March and stick around through the summer, before disappearing for the fall and winter. My wife looked out the window yesterday and said, "The girls are back!" :)  They made a bee-line straight to the bird feeder! Although gobblers are around in the spring, these hens have never had any poults with them throughout the past 2 summers. I've put a spanking on the nest raider population around here in the last 3 years, hoping that would help, but I've never seen any poults around here yet. Maybe this year...

The "Girls".... LOL



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That's cool that they come back every year.

As to the no poults situation I have a friend that is an older guy now but used to be the best turkey hunter I know. He always had a group of hens on his property every year that he called the old maids. It was a similar sized group of hens that never had any poults. He wasn't even sure if they tried to nest as their schedule on his food plots didn't indicate that they were spending time sitting on eggs. I'm not saying that's what you have going on. Just food for thought.

Hopefully your girls will have a good hatch this year.

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