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How'd y'all come up with your hunting forum handles?

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Interested to hear since I've seen a bunch of these names on the old and this forum. I'm fairly new so familiarizing myself with you guys still.

I'll go first. I grew up going to the Garden and watching the Rangers and I'm still a tremendous fan despite the hard effort but disappointments year over year (much like hunting at times)... And as much as I love deer hunting, I love turkey hunting even more, not as much as Bill but still a good amount. My 4- 1/2-year-old always asks me if I can do turkey calls when we're in the truck because it's pretty much the only time I get to practice because my wife absolutely hates it at home. So there you go. NYRturkey call


Palma non sine pulvere 

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I killed my first deer when I was 16 back home in Illinois, a wide 9 pointer (on the left in the photo). He had a 4 inch split down his ear, probably got it caught between antlers in a fight. That was over 20 years ago, and ever since then, the only handle I’ve ever really had is Splitear. 


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