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Sat- 5/27 - Cut Them Off Adventure.

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  Fast Paced Turkey Hunt this Morning. Walked in 3/4 of a Mile to a likely Roost area going by the Tremendous  Scratching,I found yesterday. 

    I hear a Gobble a good 1/2 Mile away. I hustle down to this area and the Tom is now silent. I hear a 2nd  Gobbler another 1/4 Mile away.

    Another Fast Walk. He is Gobbling Good! A good 15 Minutes before  Sunrise and he is 120 yards or so into the Swamp. I sneak close to 80 yards or closer . Any closer and he will make me. He has at least 1 Jake with him. Thunderous Gobbling followed  by the Jakes slow Yelping.

   The Gobbler has 2 Choices.  Flydown further into the Swamp or towards my position at the open fringe. 

  No Calling from me while he is on Roost. I don't  want him to pitch out the other way.

  Anddd after 30 minutes of waiting he pitches out--- further into the Swamp. 

   10 minutes before  he flew  down- Gobbler #1 is vocal again.  I know exactly where he is Roosted . This one flys down and it looks like this Tom wants to meet up with the Gobbler ,I am close to.

  I hear 2 more further in the Swamp. All 4 look to want to regroup.

I reflect on where their route will take them. I hustle to Cut them off. Faster then you see most 63 year olds move. It is a quick 1/2 Mile. I know the Ridge they want to climb.  

 But am,I too Late. 

 I sneak  in the open Hardwoods like Benicio Del Toro. And Silence for 20 minutes.  I think,I missed them. 

    I have to leave  soon.  I hike back nearly 3/4 of a Mile and go very near to where that Gobbler  was Roosted.

  And Cut Loudly on a Slate over Glass pot.

Cut-Cut--- Cut-Cut-Cut. Another series after 5 seconds. No response- but this is for Tomorrow.  Hunt them Long enough and you might hear and see a Hen cutting while fast walking to the Gobblers Roost Tree.  It happened alot more in the 1990s to around 2014/15.

   Cynthia  might come out tomorrow.  She gets 1st Dibs like always.  We are moving closer  to that Swamp Roost area.

   Hope Y'ALL enjoyed my Hustle Adventure Failure above. And now,I am down to 215lbs from 228lbs.  The Turkey Hustle- LOL!







Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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