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Apple Watch questions


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So our daughter number two was in Belize and her iPhone went in Davy Jones locker and all the Rice in South America did no good .

So she used a friends phone to contact daughter number one as that was the only number she could recall. Some of her travel mates asked if she had an Apple Watch .

My thoughts were the watch worked off your phone , but checking online it seems somehow you can text without the phone ? 

I prefer a mechanical watch with Swiss movements although I have a few quartz ones I love too , so what’s the deal with those Apple Watches ? 

thanks oh and apples whole water rating is a crock of crap, hers was under maybe two minutes and it’s not covered anyways ….

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I don't have an apple watch, so can't comment there. But I see people control their music outside for parties from it, text from it, etc. I know someone who was in Vegas on vacation and texting with a girl using his cell phone. His apple watch was back at home where his wife was reading them!

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58 minutes ago, Moho81 said:

You can text with the watch if the phone is on and close enough to the watch OR you pay for a separate data plan for just the watch then you don’t need the phone at all. 

Thanks . The Mrs said just to get a separate burner phone as a back up seems like a cheap way to go . 

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I have a data plan on my Apple Watch. Even if not on a data plan and not near her phone she may be able to use the iMessage function if she is within range of another iPhone or internet connection. I can’t recall how it works but iMessage works in a lot of unique instances. Heck, I could use it on a cruise with no data or WiFi connection and message my wife on the other end of the ship and people back home. But the watch with a data plan is a good back up. I hunted a few PM sits without the phone and just wearing the watch for emergency use. Was nice to disconnect.

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