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Be Aware At Big Box Parking Lots,Etc.


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   This has been all over the internet  recently.  Be wary of Strangers walking Aimlessly  in Big Box or regular  Store Parking Areas. 

  Then approaching you and asking for a Ride somewhere as you walk out with a full cart.

  Might be innocent- might not....

  Not unheard of Shoppers with car door open,Trunk open- totally unaware of a Predator while blabbing on their cell phone and loading up their car with groceries to have their car taken.

    I have had 2 people looking for Rides even before,I reach mySUV. Happened today. 

  Young Dude walking around and looking around in the Parking lot. That is what drew my attention.  He sees me and fast walks over. I give him 10 feet Breathing Space at least . Wants a ride to a Lumber Yard- " just over there".

  Me- What's  that-- I don't  know where that is - while walking away. 

  A good 6'4"- early 20s- heavy blue Jean's and heavy Shirt over a Shirt in the 2.30 Heat today. Sweating Bullets.  Possibly  from Central or South America.

  Innocent perhaps. Don't take the chance!

  If this  happens  to you- keep the Guy outside of Tackling Range. Like a Cop would. Don't  take chances.

   I see so many men and women with Zero Awareness  of their immediate surroundings.  And all of us can be Pearl Harbored from behind in Crowded situations- myself included.

  I find myself carrying  a Legal Knife most places and if you have seen my William Fairbairn  video, you know,I have Training with it.

   I have Full Carry like everyone here also. Personally, I just don't want to carry 24/7 . 

    15 Miles away in Newburgh- Busloads of Illegals were dropped off at a few Motels a few weeks back....

   Only posting this because,I care about peoples Safety knowing that many don't have my Training.

 Don't  ever let anyone in Punching Range. Nor further out in Kicking Range- or further out in Tackling Range. Be like the Cops- Give at least 10 Feet Breathing  Room and keep moving. 

      Stay Safe .



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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1 hour ago, blackbeltbill said:



  A good 6'4"- early 20s- heavy blue Jean's and heavy Shirt over a Shirt in the 2.30 Heat today. Sweating Bullets.  Possibly  from Central or South America.






I work construction, 70% of the labor around the jobs are South/Central American (and although sometimes challenged for skill level,they work hard)

I’m 5-10 and there is one in 35 years of this that was as tall as me.

If you want to make up stories; you dont have to embellish them with BS.

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Good reminder,  thanks. I've been approached twice in Wally Mart parking lot.  A man and woman drove up  while we were loading car, speaking broken english asking for gas money to get to some other state. Other was a scantily clad girl with an empty gas can asking for gas money and a ride to the gas station. No I didn't take her! 

Took a motorhome trip and stopped for the night in Alamogordo NM Wally Mart parking lot. Some semi's and other motorhomes there. Heard a diesel pull up in night. My dog was really keeping an eye on it all night. Early morning,  dog started growling so I got up and looked outside,  diesel engine running was a white bus full of border jumpers. They were all pouring out of the bus going for the store. Kept a keen watch out. Got ready to leave. They all came back with coffee and breakfast (that we all bought for them I'm sure). As soon as the bus left I did a thorough walk around and inspection before hitting the road. Knew then why there was a border patrol  checkpoint going into Alamogordo. 

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I’ve had every scam tried on me for  over 30 years . When I worked in the ghetto they’d knock on the firehouse door all the time , heard them all .

In Buffalo a few years back near Pearle st brewery a guy approached with a gas can , and I knew the story before he said it …later  when we left a guy blocked my parked car and went into his routine about coming here after meeting a girl online and now no money to go home . He wanted money and wouldn’t move till a grabbed a 3 D mag lite from my front seat . He wasn’t the first street  person to leave from the light being introduced one guy ran off my front porch one night after I answered the door with  it in hand …

The Walmart on Hudson Ave generates over 1000 911 calls a year , went to visit my old crew tonight the LT worked OT at the engine the goes to Walmart,he went there today for an assault . 

Oh and retired cop buddy 30 some years mostly as a tactical officer ,just hunting wanted guys, then as a major crimes investigator, will not go to the Penfield Walmart as eveytime it’s full of guys he’s locked up . Walmarts are trash city limits .

There’s gas stations in Irondequoit my daughter won’t go to as they’re very sketchy , but the clueless , unaware( aka victims )  just go about their day unaware .

One needs to be aware and take avoidance measures . 



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20 minutes ago, mowin said:

Thank God I live in the country. Now I'm aware of my surroundings, but  I couldn't live my life always looking over my shoulder.  

Fortunate.   The Awareness  Nomad and,I are writing about becomes Second Nature.  Depends on where you live.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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34 minutes ago, Belo said:

now that turkey season's over we're in for 11 months of music videos, dinosaurs, conspiracies and kung fu

The above is for you…..lol

I remember you complaining about the nude beach.   :)


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I must not have an approachable face or something. I never get approached by anyone, in the rare occasion that I have to go to Saratoga the bums don’t even ask me for money. 

That being said I avoid putting myself in positions to be a victim and if it ever happens they better make it count because I won’t miss.

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