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Checking / Taking down stands.


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Its a good spot why take it down and  put it back up?  WELL just found out a friend went to show his favorite stand to his friends this weekend  went  up in it and  cable snapped  on stand and a fall resulted.   

There is no safe way to check a hang- on stand in a tree!!  Remove them keep em out of the weather and repair/ repace cables, bolts,seats.. not to mention straps that hold them to tree!!

Ladders should be removed as well ( yes you can add new strap at bottom and then go to top and do same  but  metal corrodes . Taking them down and reapaintiing checking welds wct should be done every few years as well. 

Maintaining your stands could save your or a childs / friends  life... dont be lazy..   if this  50plus year old can take daown 30 plus stands and put them back up every year so can you... and yes  i put them in same tree 90%  of the time  unless tree has issues or better location is maybe 10 ft  away in another tree.

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  There are at least 10 Tree Stands on an large open piece of Land,I have Pheasant Hunted since 1974.

   They never come down. Now 2 more are up right in the area, I plan to hunt Anterless Deer next early September.  And perhaps get my 1st Deer if motivation hangs with me.

  Took a picture last week of the below Treestand as,I Turkey Hunted this Bottom area. Another Treestand is not far away up on a Ridge edge.



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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Posted (edited)

I agree with most of this but disagree with part.  If you have storage for all those stands then yes.  But most people do not have storage for 30 stands.  When you take them down and they set on the ground water gets in the tubing metal and freezes and splits the rails.  Guess how I know this.  

I leave mine up but replace the straps every year and use multiple straps on each stand with a minimum of 3-4.  Every ladder section has a strap! 

We check them over well every year but taking them down does me no good as I've lost more stands being damaged over the winter on the ground than I ever have with them upright.  

In this case I suggest replacing them more often which is what we do, but I don't have storage for all those stands and I also don't live where I hunt.  Taking them all down is not the best in all scenarios.  We use all ladder stands. 

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"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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