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Just expanded my hunting property!!!

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6 minutes ago, blackbeltbill said:


Thanks! Probably would have killed a gobbler or 2 if I had contacted him a month earlier! Heard gobbling on his property almost every morning the first 3 weeks of May. I just wasn't good enough at calling to get them to commit to coming to the side I had permission on. Now I can get right in their faces!!! They're in trouble next year!!!

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8 hours ago, 518BowSlayer said:

Wrote a letter to the farmer who owns the land next to where I already hunt directly behind my house. Gave me full permission to hunt on his land in exchange for a little venison.. where you gonna find a better deal than that?! So I went from 5 acres that my ex landlord (and close friend) owns to just over 30 and it's all directly behind my house. Plus he owns another 66 acres across the street from said property. Looks like I got some scouting to do!!!

That's fantastic.  Nothing better than walking out your door to go hunting. 

Looking forward to seeing some success pics this fall. 

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That’s good to hear !

I’ve driven 70 miles round trip to hunt hundreds of times . That can get old. We own land right where I hunt, but stayed put here for convenience when working and the kids were in school, which were all a stones grow from the house . Now we’re to old and set in our ways .

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you proved that old ways of putting forth effort and being respectful gets you permission.  too many people complain without doing anything about it or far worse just trespass and squat on others hunting properties. awesome job and congrats on the expanded opportunity.

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One thing that beats it,

1 hour ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Congrats. Nothing beats being able to walk out back and hunt before or after other obligations. Even if the hunting isn't the best, you cannot beat the convenience.

is when you go visit the parents or in-laws and hunt out their back door, and then they serve you a fine dinner, when you get back to the house.  

My wife is still learning though.  Eventually, she might get to be as good of a cook as her mother.  

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