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Apple Vision Pro - WOW!


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Off topic, but quite incredible.  Introduced yesterday...

One day we will look back at this device like we looked at earlier cell phones being "giant".  I can see a day when a contact lens device achieves the same thing as this does today.  Unreal!




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14 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Maybe I'm just not a techy nerd, but I don't see the appeal of this or those VR headsets. Wear a bulky headset goggle thing just to do same thing you do on your phone but not hold your phone?

I think it's a ridiculously large device, but the premise it offers is virtualizing your world in front of you and controlling it with your eyes and gestures.  That's a crazy step forward.  And with it, you need no TV or computer or phone or tablet, it's through a visual lens.  So you have absolute isolation of your experience unbounded by any external resource/device, and ideally equally isolated privacy (at least in terms of your view, no one else can see it).   As technology advances and that "goggle" turns into a smaller profile "lens", the burden of wearing a large device goes away (just as I inferred with the original cellular phones).  The biggest aspect will be powering a device like this and how will advances in technology achieve that, but if you look at cell phones from 20 years ago to today, it's quite a tremendous leap in size and power/functionality, so what seems far fetched is likely achievable down the road.  The Jetsons weren't far off :)


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It was pretty crazy to watch and start to connect the dots of the future. I immediately pegged the FaceTime component as a gap - people looking like skiers on FaceTime? Nope. You get an avatar of sorts of yourself and they answered it in the video a minute after I made that connection. 

This kind of stuff is going to change what we value or make something we value now go into hyper-growth. It’s like that scene in the Matrix where the guy is eating a steak, knowing it’s not real. This was mind blowing of a release, long-term.

Those batteries are going to only increase the challenge when flying. They remain a big hazard.

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