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06/11/2023: Coyote grabs a turkey poult!


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 Well this just happened.  Literally just walked outside to work on something, saw the coyote trotting out in front of me so videoed it running away.  Suddenly it ran back toward me and I didn't even see the turkey hen bedded down and didn't see the poult at all given its size.  Coyote clearly went after the hen at first but then caught the movement of the poult and grabbed it.  Crazy to see something like that happen 20 yards from you, and it was over in a flash.  I noticed the hen around the property and didn't see any poults.  Today was the first time and I think that was one of the last two she has sadly.

Her last one left


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  • nywaw changed the title to 06/11/2023: Coyote grabs a turkey poult!

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