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what if I cut a licking branch ?


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Thoughts / experiences on dinking with a natural licking branch?

Have a pine tree along a trail that has a natural licking branch that been used for years.

Problem is that the branch has grown out into the tail at a height that I can't mow around it anymore, so I want to cut it back and take a bunch of the needle clusters off to get it raised back up.  

Based on past trail cam pictures, they are using a few other branches on the tree as well, so I don't think cutting it will have a big impact.  

Also, though about cutting it clear off then tying it back on the tree, but that's kind of defeating the purpose of cutting to get it out of the way.

Here's a pic of one of the new fawns checking it out last night...Fawn_licking_stick.jpg.8824b2ea566671de2ba6e1ca8f38d86f.jpg

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It appears there are many other branches that they can, and will use right there. They are used to coming to that spot. And will adopt another "favorite" licking branch. So go ahead and cut it back a bit. It will be ok.

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