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Lots to do next couple of days

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11 minutes ago, Belo said:

So i'm assuming not too deep? Wide and shallow?

It will be 12 ft deep  or some what long and skinny . Will have 2 bays.. Ground slopes 5ft over 75.. by the time dam is up  the top at low side will be 12 ft or more above starting grade at that point.. lots of clay to move  the far end is fairly skinny as lot  line  would come  into play for back of dam.  Main reason for this pond was to redirect water from 5 wet weather springs  that flood neighbors yard  and can run to his house and barn foundation. We dug a ditch years ago that helped .and he put french drain in 3 years ago as well.  Hopefully this will  solve the issue.  And i get another  pond to stock.. as well as road way on top  that wont be a marsh to drive across. 

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