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Fishing crew denied $3.5M in prize money after 600-pound marlin DQ’d in tournament


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16 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Doesn’t make sense to me. A shake bite would only cause the fish to lose weight if anything?

The supposed intent and reasoning with IGFA rules is that if a game fish has been bitten it's not physically at 100% even if it's still putting up some fight. Personally I think this is kind of a BS rule because playing devils advocate one could say the anglers were lucky to hook a fish that won't put up as much of a fight, similar to someone that comes across a bigger fish in the great open ocean. Something that wouldn't fight much would be missing lots of weight as you said that would hurt them not help them. The situation is out of any anglers control and really cannot be prevented. I'd say the decision was fair (based on precedent) and consistent but IMO BS that should be changed. Also I feel they got the shafted.

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Well  the rule is in place so there’s that .

On the other hand it took them hours to land the fish so it apparently was a superficial wound that didn’t impact its ability to fight to much . 

“ tiss merely a scratch “

If im the judge Im afraid I’d have to go with the written rule , even if I didn’t you know the second place team would object to the ruling .

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