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Cell Cams not connecting

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I just bought 4 Spypoint Micro cell cams (Verizon) and am stoked to not have to drive out to the property anymore, disrupt the area, and spend the next 4 hours sifting through 1000's of pix of leaves blowing. But.... when I try to set them up, they're not connecting. I bought them used, so there's that, but they don't appear damaged. I created an account, added the first camera to it, gave it a card and batteries, but it's not connecting to the network when I'm sitting at home in Greece. The green light flashes for a bit, then stops, but the app says "The camera has not reported yet. It may take awhile. Pull to refresh or come back later." I've tried rebooting it, but that didn't work. Has anyone experienced similar trouble with Spypoints and if so, what's the fix?

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I bought 3 of those link-micro cameras from Spypoint a while back. When you first turn them on they should connect to the network and take a test picture. I don't remember how long it took, but it was a slow process - 15 minutes or more if I remember right.

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I would try chatting with the company or calling somebody and seeing if those used cameras wherever deleted from the owners account. Were you able to hook them up to your account? Try changing the settings to be the quickest delivery and shortest time frame to get a test picture. See if that would work. Also, what color is the status after the cameras done setting up? Are you sure you're getting a reliable signal?

Sorry to hear this. I haven't had any issues with mine. Even my two cameras that are only connecting a 25%. Still send pictures twice a day

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