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Time To Appraise My Old Comic Collection.


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    I have a huge Ammo can Full of at least 100 comics from 1973,74,+75. Some earlier. 

 I have a number of #1 Issues. A bunch of #2s,3s,etc.

  In the pic below is- Giant -Size Avengers from August/1974. Nearly 50 years back!

 Good condition too. Might be worth a few pennies. 


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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I'd be offloading those badboys. I'm not sure where the market is at, but if it hasn't peaked already, it can't last too much longer. 

When I was a kid my grandpa and I collected baseball cards. He was convinced they were the ticket to retirement bliss, but he's since passed and the cards are only worth the memories of sorting them with him. My brother sold them all for beer/drug money years ago, but I got my value out of them with time spent with my grandpa. 

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