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What knots do you use

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What fishing knots do you regularly use. Here is my list 


Palomar braid to swivel 

Albright braid to mono 

improved clinch mono to swivel and clip 

perfection loop 

dropper loop 

triple surgeons when fly fishing 


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For braid to mono:  a Uni knot

For mono to swivel or lure: the Rapala knot, essentially an improved clinch knot

For braid to lure or swivel:  the Palamar knot

To make a loop at the end of the line, I double the line, make two overhand knots and tighten up.  I’m not even sure it’s an “approved” knot, but for the few times I use it, it has not failed.

I’ve tied dropper knots, but always have to look it up to remember how to do it.  I don’t fish that way often enough to remember it, and if I was in a boat and couldn’t check, I’d probably just tie a line off a swivel to make the dropper. 

My father in law  used three overhand knots to tie his lure to his line; I never saw him lose a fish from a bad knot.

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