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Bullet choices


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I didn't want to derail from belo's search for a new in line and phade brought up finding the perfect bullet sabot combo upon retiring .

I'll start by saying my go to bullets are the .452 300grain xtp (non mag) . That bullet has killed more big game then any other bullet going . 

My other go to bullet is the speer deep curl in .452  300gr designed for the 454 casull. That bullet lays the smack down on deer and coyotes and no doubt it would do the same on bear ,moose or elk . 

Put both bullets in a black crush rib sabot by harvester  in my in line collection and they are all deadly. 

If I'm shooting my white thunder bolt or s91-11 it's 460gr bull shop lead Conicals 


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I have my Muzzy set up to shoot 44 mag bullets as I have a ton for my Super red hawk . I’ve been shooting 240 grain xtp’s with the crush sabots for a .429 bullet .  I’ve got 300 grain xtp’s , 270  grain deep curls and 280 grain swift A-frames to try also . I’m going to up my muzzy game this year and get serous about hunting with it . I used to only hunt with a muzzle leader for years . 

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28 minutes ago, mowin said:

OMG.  You must be the only one that didn't get screwed.  

No money exchanged hands.......IIRC it came from WNYBuckHunter (John) for winning some contest years ago on that site.  I bet it was at least 10 years ago.

I still have it but it's whooped big time. 

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I tried finding speer deep curls last night ,sold out every place . I have an email into speer to see if they are still in production.

Barnes are no doubt on the same page as speer . I can't say I've ever had problems with the xtp. 

Does any one prefer the MMP sabot over harvesters , I have been using the harvester crush rib for years . Last I knew MMP uses slightly harder polymers and was a stiffer sabot 

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