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Who else is looking forward to squirrel season?

After all the years I've hunted, squirrel hunting is still my favorite. If I could only hunt one thing, it'd be them. 

I may not do it as much as I would like to, but days spent chasing them are some of my fondest hunting memories.

Shotgun, 22, early or late season, doesn't matter. It's always a good time.

I like eating them just as much as I do chasing them. FB_IMG_1531767133330.jpg.4ad9eb66e7556a6a0cb8c4268a19a4e1.jpgFB_IMG_1531767203441.jpg.43319750d65635a7c95803919a9a33f7.jpgFB_IMG_1531767138591.jpg.26d52fea0fe07c221aa31c260fc2f1ee.jpg

"Who the son sets free, is free indeed"  John 8:36

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One of my best memories in the woods is me and my grandfather squirrel hunting and my sister tagged along to take pictures as she was big into wildlife/tree pics etc.we were both sitting up against the base of opposite trees,saw him lay flat on the ground and his lever action 22lr went off.squirrel damn near hit me when it fell out of the tree!always try to sneak in a few squirrel hunts every season

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I took 4 out this weekend.  They keep chewing there way into my shop.  I've replaced screening with hardware cloth, but they have learned to start chewing well bellow that.  If they are on the roof of my shop and come to the maple that has dropped a ton of seed, they get eliminated. 

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