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Friday Night Class/ What,I Taught.


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   My Sensei gave me Friday Night to Teach and the keys to the School years back. A huge Honor. It was a combined Adult/kids class  that,I taught for years. I also went to train with other high ranking students on Mondays,Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

   It was a full 1 Hour of Stretching first and,I still do this today. Then on to the 4 Breakfalls that,I taught. This part is extremely important.  

   Then we worked on Basics- upper and lower body.

  Street Self- Defense was next .  

  And Finally Heavy Bag work.  We worked both Hands and Feet.

  A full hour of training . I can't relate here what that Self- Defense consisted of. 

  Remember  what Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel about " Focus"? Well that was a big part of what,I taught.

  I had a good 30 people each Friday. I especially liked to Teach Women. They take the Training more seriously then Men. 

  Today,I Teach just Family.  

A Topic for the off season,I thought,I would share.

  And in the world of today- less and less Adults seek out a Teacher to Train with.   

  I also taught Boxing as,I have been training in that for 50+ years now.

  There is room for all age groups. I tell people on occasion- put the Pride away and go Train. It may save you one day..



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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