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1974-2010 And 1,000 Pheasants Later.

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  I remember  these years very well. 14 years old in 1974 . Unbelievable  Pheasant  Dogs and Monroe- Chester Sportsman's  Club always had plenty of leased land for a Pheasant Preserve.

    Bagging 30+ Pheasants each Fall+ Winter from 1974- 2010.

  Egads-- That is 1,000 Pheasants+ 

   Mostly English Setters and later- Ben a Black Lab. I enjoyed both awesome points with the English Setters and great Pheasant Flushes with Ben.His Field Running weight went a good 90lbs. He used to bust through the Briar Patches.A cackling Rooster Pheasant  would explode upwards. BOOM!

  This is when,I started to bring afield Kodak Throwaway cameras. Great Memories  caught forever on Film. And continued that with Turkey Hunting when,I started in 1990.

  Today,I am no longer in any Gun Club having to watch every Dime. I take my Sister's flat coated Black Lab- ABBEY out now.  Another great Pheasant Flusher She is. I usually hunt Sterling Forest State Park and some trips to Stewart State Forest. Stewart is super crowded  though since the Bow Deer Season was moved back to October 1st. Less then 80 Hunter parking areas there.    Sterling though- you Park where you want. Much better.

  In the picture below which,I snapped many Decades ago is my Father holding a Chuckar Partridge he just shot.

  He was past President  of the Monroe- Chester Sportsman's Club.  The Skeet and Trap Range Chairman and never voted off the board of directors.  He passed in 1999.

  We both won Registered Skeet Competitions together in 1994.



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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