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Bulldog Gun Safe For Sale.


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   Moving in the Future and Downsizing. 

  I have a Bulldog Gun Safe For Sale. Bought new in 1997 for $969. Will hold 32 Guns.

 The Safe is 62"s High

24"s for the Sides

And the Front is 29 1/2"s.


  If someone is interested- you will have to bring a Heavyduty Handcart and a good Truck Ramp to get the Safe in the back.

  4 Men is best with me as the 4th guy.  It has to go 300lbs easy.  Perhaps even Heavier.

  To get a Quicker sale and avoid haggling,I am willing to sell at $480 . I know,I can get much more. Definitely  a fair price.

  I will send the 1st Poster a pm if he is really interested. I might get no hits on this Safe. This is my 1st time selling anything on a Hunting Site and,I joined huntingny back in early 2014.

 The Safe has a combination  Lock and,I still have the envelope  with the Safe# and the model# and,I can teach the combo before anyone leaves. Company phone # is listed as well.

  I am down in Monroe,NY in Orange County.

 The safe also has 2 small holes in the back in case you want to bolt it to the wall. And 4 small holes in the bottom in case you want to install a de- humidifier. 

 Think,I covered everything.  3 pics below.



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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Gun safes of that era were typically built better than todays box store ones. There was a “ race to the bottom” in gun safes around that time ,since the typical buyer went on looks alone makers used many tricks To make their safes look more secure then the competitors for a cheaper price . The result was they all followed suit in order to compete , cheaper made safes that are smoke and mirrors.

Bills looks like it has an actual plate steel door not simply folded over sheet metal .

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