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Attack cat

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Too funny!  :rofl:

It's also a great picture showing how deer "duck an arrow", which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that an arrow is flying towards them.   To run away from danger they must first drop to load up their legs.   

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I have seen similar behavior.  There was a white cat in the field across the street who would chase a doe for a while.  Then the doe would turn around and chase the cat.  It seemed like they were playing.

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I have had my cat hunt with me from tree stand  get down  go into the brush and chase a spike buck to stand..   ive seen her chase a doe n fawn around pond dike to me.  And have seen her chase a bear..   each time she comes back looks at me and crys  like why didnt you shoot that one i put it right  in your lap!!20200831_103450.thumb.jpg.2ea255491611b7d640e999889f6b1c96.jpg

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