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This Is Why,I Don't Hunt Public Land/Funny!


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Lol.  Never had that happen. I did have a logger that was walking the neighbors property come onto the land I hunt by 200 yards marking trees, and stopped 10 yrds for me to "relive" himself. He about ripped his manhood out by roots when I said your trespassing. He had the map in his hands, and he clearly knew he was off the property because he had to walk through posted signs spaced 20' apart.  He actually marked a big oak with a posted sign on it.  I new the guy, and his reputation, and said both landowners will be notified as well as DEC.  He was fired.  

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I hunted State Land years ago , I/We went into the woods at Oh Dark Thirty , found a couple good spots and sat down . An hour later some fool walks in and sits about 50 yards in front of me - shoots a Doe , stands up looks around ( Doe drops dead in front of me ) and sits back down ! I had to yell " It's not getting any dead'r " ! The dump ass never knew I was there !

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1 hour ago, nywaw said:

I actually have them for fishing, they're super comfortable.  My toes would get very cold hunting with them :rofl:

My wife once threatened divorce if I bought a pair of camo Crocs. I think this is about my 5th pair and we’re still married. :tooth:


"A sinking fly is closer to Hell" - Anonymous 




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