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New, old pond to fish ..


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35 yrs ago my buddy and I used to fish a local pond until it was sold off. It's  18 acres, 60' deep, and was full of largemouth, perch, crappie, and pickerel. Today a client that lives next to the owner, asked me if it was ok to give them my number as they need some work done. 

Turns out it's the lady who owns the pond, along with 120 acres. We got talking, and she said I'm welcome to fish anytime.  I don't do much open water fishing, but I'll definitely hit it several times this winter.  She says it's full of fish still. 

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Just now, 2BuckBizCT said:

Canyou hunt the 120 acres? if not, can I?

She said there's a couple that hunt it. I didn't want to overstep as I only talked to her for about 20min.  I've got a couple fantastic deer spots, but if I can do a few things for her this summer, I'll definitely approach the subject.  I'm thinking about spring turkey. 

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2 hours ago, GreeneHunter said:

Gonna Ice Fish it this winter ?

Absolutely.  I remember ice fishing it 30 yrs ago when we had 4" of clear ice.  We could watch the perch hit the live bait 6' under the ice and see them run with the hook in there mouth. 

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