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So my sister is downsizing their NY home ,and she had a lot of family history stored there ,so yesterday we cooked out and looked through stuff . I brought home idk a couple hundred old postcards , most dated 1903-1917 ish, then many from the ‘40s. Way cool , what’s interesting is they range from Hawaii to Lyons NY , you can see some here from Black Lake and the 1000islands , plus the 1939 worlds fair .

Bill if you PM me your address I’ll send you a couple of the Turkey ones if you want , no marital arts ones were found .

One thing I found interesting is the write sideways on the back .




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Check this one out , my Uncle was in both World Wars . This is a card he sent ,where you cross out the lines that don’t apply and then date and sign,  that’s it any other marks and card will be destroyed.

Loose lips sink ships !  It’s dated 6 days after we entered WW1 .



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