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What is this?

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Ok I’m not sure what this is. I went and checked my trail camera the other day and about 20’ off the road I found this pile of black stuff. So I went over to check and it is long black coarse hair. Smells rotten but has zero flesh attached to it and no skeleton. This is a seasonal road with very low traffic.  There is a dairy farm near by but it’s mainly jersey s that they milk.   Boot is at the bottom for a size comparison.

any ideas what it could be?  I was thinking maybe a large male bear got ahold of one of the local cubs and that’s where he crapped it out? I’m really lost never came across this before


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I once found a calf on the spot I used to hunt.  The farmer had one pass and they just took it out into the woods and left it there and it was 15 yards from my tree stand.  Might be that if there was a skeleton .  But also maybe a decomposed bear hide.   Weird.   

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