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Your Favorite Phrase Related To Hunting.

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  For me it is the Phrase,I have heard a number of times on different  Sites.


   Everybody Loves Pictures!! I have been taking out a Kodak Throwaway Camera from the start with Pheasant Hunting in 1974 at age 14.  It continues today. 

  I am actually on 5 different Hunting Sites and Facebook as well. And,I have heard that Phrase on almost all of them.

  And it gives a member more background to others when they write a Thread.   I have no problem  seeing a picture of a Deer/ Turkey and just the " Hand" of the Author or the Authors Head missing from the picture. When,I see alot of pictures from the same Author/ minus his Face,I will really follow his Threads.  1 Jake Picture-- not so much- lol.

   Sooo- what is your favorite  Phrase relating to Hunting?



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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i don't have a favorite. one that often comes up though is "Don't cut corners." Not like a deer walks by you knowing you're there and thinking "Meh. This is the quicker route, so maybe he'll miss.

"people shoot what they see and see what they shoot." often use this hunters in general won't hold out for deer they've never seen either on a trail cam or in person. they shoot what's typically around and not say the top 10% and therefore only continue to get an opportunity on that same size buck.

"Brown It's Down" definitely a top favorite in a different way because usually there's followed by bitching due to lack of opportunity to see anything. when people say that IMO they're also 100% full of shit. I don't know a single person that always shoots the first deer they have a tag for every chance they get. lol

"own the trigger pull"
"you can't take that shot back"...applies to shooting in general. also favorites of mine.

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1 hour ago, Splitear said:

Whenever I would kill a nice buck my uncle would always say "That's the one I let walk a few weeks ago". When I was a teenager it would push my buttons, now I appreciate the humor of it :)

people i know that see a buck clearly older than avg and a monster will say "needed another year"

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Full moon - @crappyice

East Wind - @Lawdwaz

What does your heart tell you? - @Sodfather

Heard a shot from a tresspasser or Fug Hunting- @turkeyfeathers

Delete that photo immediately! - @Belo

It ain't gonna lick itself - @Jeremy K

I'm freezing - @The_Real_TCIII

I'm up and in (9:43am) - @Marion

Just saw more deer - @Chef

Watching the Buckform plot - @Lomax


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