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First cell cam pix

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The first pix are starting to trickle in. I put out 3 cell cams last weekend.  2 of the 3 are sending pix. One of them is just empty field. Not sure what's triggering it. The trigger speed is already at the quickest  setting. The other one is popping with decent bucks right now. The 3rd camera isn't sending anything though.  It did send a few initially,  but now isn't reporting despite good signal and battery. You may have to zoom in a bit on the bushes to see the full potential. 






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I'm thinking that branch might've come down with the storm last weekend. I don't recall setting up a camera with any brush that close in front of it. There are 8 or 9 pix from this evening on that camera with bucks in the frame. some are hard to see because they're hiding behind the leaves. When I zoom in though, I see that a few of them look pretty good. 

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i've found fields to be more challenging than you'd think. They seem to pick up on swaying trees and grass more than you'd expect, whereas cams in the hardwoods are less false alarmy. 

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