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Photos from Ebb Tide Fishing Boat - Montauk's post

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“””Schedule Alert”””
A few tweaks for the next 5 days our two Full Moon Bass Trips Next Tuesday and Wednesday will be Eastbound extended trips 530p-Midnight

Thursday 7/27
8a-12p Fluke and Seabass
Friday 7/28
8a-12p Fluke and Seabass 1p-9p Capt Jakes Flukeathon
Saturday 7/29
8a-12p, 1p-5p Half Day, Full Moon Sunset Striper Sniper
Sunday 7/30
8-12p,1-5p Half Day
Monday 7/31
5a-2p Full Day Block Island Fluke and Seabass
Tuesday 8/1
8-12p, 1-5p Half Day
530p -12 midnight Full Moon Eastbound Beast Hunt
Wednesday 8/2
8-12p, 1-5p Half Day
530p-12a Eastbound Beast Hunt



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