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Red Dot Use


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I participate in local leagues that are a mixture of IDPA and SCSA formats (Acronyms think moving and shooting stuff like John Wick... kinda or a 3 gun match). The red dot died on my Sig. Turns out it was just the battery but had I not had a setup that co-witnesses the dot with taller profile open sights I would've been shit out of luck and not able to shoot. Instead I simply used iron/open sights and kept shooting. Also keeps from being dependent on a dot and getting rusty with irons. Some CCW pistols/sights don't allow for this but who uses this same or similar setup? Who out there would be screwed?

Sig Sauer P226 Scorpion 9mm with separate precut Sig slide and Romeo 01 Pro red dot. Turns out it was just a lemon Swiss battery in the optic. Changed it out and optic is working again.


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I have a red dot on my daughters hunting rifle as she won’t use scopes anymore after getting scoped , no BU sights . I keep a spare battery on the stock .

My AR has a red dot co witnessed with BU iron sights ,I also practiced with just centering the target in the red dot with the red dot off .

I have one pistol that came with both , I took the red dot off , decades of iron sight use on handguns I just can’t get used to the red dot .

My AR the dot is “ right there “ the handgun I was often looking for it and that didn’t seem like the way to go .

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@Nomad I learned the hard way looking for it and trying to perfect presentation so it's right there. now I've figured out to just use the pistol like i'm shooting iron sights. problem is i'm right handed and left eye dominant. i can pick what eye to focus with but the dot helps from my dominant eye trying to take over. i shoot with iron sights but the dot is basically a verification and allows for faster follow ups. i basically see the dot through the front sight post. only thing i don't like about the sig romeo 01 pro optic is that it doesn't auto adjust dot brightness moving from daylight to dark (in a house). i keep it fairly dim anyway being co-witnessed so it doesn't have a starburst effect but still.

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Wife son and i have them on our hunting revolvers . I like the ultra dot red dots for this as the tube sight  i think is best for inclement weather protection during hunting . I ran a Burris  on my RIA 10 mm but decided to take it off as its a woods carry gun . But having said that  now that i have barrel , springs etc to run 40 cal in my 10 I'm thinking about buying another slide and having  it milled for the Burris to use it in our pistol league .      




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I recently shot an IDPA style match with a little dot gun just to get some trigger time. Found about 40% of the time I was consciously using the dot, say 40% of the time consciously using the iron sights. The rest of the time was using one or the other, or both without realizing it,  just point shooting real close stuff.  




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^ I've had them on hunting revolvers and Contenders in the past. Currently the only other pistol I have one on is a Ruger 22/45.


I played around with sticking the little RMR's on a lot of things last year, the last being a muzzle loader. No pics. 

Other than the Benelli, I took them off everything. 







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