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Please Explain This


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I’m laid up for a few days so watching some tv.  This is Dave Chappel’s hunting show.  

He’s guiding the hunter and there’s a big spark and smoke when the arrow hits the bull.  

I’ve hit rocks before with field points but this is a first for me.  



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Wow that's wild!  First thing I thought of was expandable blades hitting hard shoulder and hitting into each other OR the expandable flying open with so much energy that the blades hit the metal insert causing a spark.  I don't see smoke, I only see a tuft of hair falling post impact.

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32 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

I'm guessing the reflection in low light? looks too soon for it to be the arrow breaking? or the BH hitting fur the way a golf club sparks in low light on grass?

thing is that arrow wouldn't be statically charged enough to do that much. isn't your club head just sparking off rocks in the sod?

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55 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

I've seen it happen on driving ranges on Mats. Maybe the Elk had dirt on him from wallowing or whatever they call it. BH hits something hard in the fur?

that could be and would lead to sparks. case closed. i really would push for the 357mag round in the arrow head angle but google search of the correct name seems legit. who knows.

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