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Organizing the basement and I found some good stuff.  I’ve got dozens if not hundreds of knives now… but it all started with these two.  I got the puma from my uncle (along with my Marlin model 60) when I turned 6.  Then soon after I begged my dad to order me the Camillus from Smokey mountain knife works.  I looked up the Puma and it was made in 1972.  Probably worth a decent amount, but it’ll be going to my son on his 6th birthday, along with that .22. 

Who else has cool knives??? 




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When my Uncle passed away he had over 300 knives in his house.   Most of them were fancy collectors pieces worth silly amounts of money.   I’m not a collector and have no interest in keeping anything that doesn’t have an immediate and practical use.   So when my cousin asked me to come take some of his stuff I really wasn’t interested, but I wanted one simple practical knife that I could take hunting and remember my Uncle.   I found one that was a simple well built knife and the silly wolf eyes would always remind me of my Uncle.   When I got home I googled the guy’s name that was on the blade and realized this wasn’t just some simple hunting knife!      



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13 hours ago, JohnPlav said:

Another cool knife.   This one was at my parents farm when they bought it, along with the funky sheath.  It says Foster Bros on the handle and the blade is 13 inches long.  Good steel that gets super sharp.  I use it 2-3 times a year to slice smoked brisket. 


I bought an old Foster Brothers butcher knife a while back. It’s a beast. 




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Ok fellas hang on here we go ! Lol I’ve for dozens Heres a couple .

The green ones were special issue from Spyderco for the Usual Suspects Network a forum of knife guys . I always buy two ,one user and one safe Queen . I’ve easily tripled my money .

The blue hawk bill a pretty rare Spyderco, I have two this one like the green ones are nib .

The fixed blade is a locally made Robesome Shuredge it was carried in WWII including the Battle of The Bulge .

The green handled folder with tigger stripes blade is a Strider Rogue Warrior that I sent to Tom Cline a custom knife ,maker for a regrind , I have more into that knife then most have into their rifles .

The big ass cleaver was made  for  me by. a young man in Buffalo , my daughters

 friend a Fathers Day Gift from her .   







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Dad had a pile of knives on top of his gun cabinet at their house. He was cleaning out all the junk in the bottom. They all looked like common older cheap knives. One folder stood out to me though in a non-original case. I remember him using it to gut deer when he would take me out as a kid before I was old enough to hunt. I believe it's a '60 or '70s era Arthur Fulmer Fulcraft. I doubt it was an expensive knife but it's built like a brick shit house. 440 stainless blade. He said he had them at his old General/corner store when I was a baby 40 yrs ago. I cleaned up the bolsters, wood scales, blade, and pulled a bunch of decades old deer tissue from the slot. I'd also taken some other knives like a Buck 118 but couldn't get a bur or get them to take an edge that well. This Fulcraft though I got hair whittling sharp quickly with Worksharp gadgets. Finished on the leather strop on the Worksharp field sharpener. Arm has a bare patch now where it glided along faster than i thought it would. I'll give it back and see what he says.



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Added another knife to fill a gap to handle larger skinning and quartering tasks. Lots of belly and shape/fit well thought out despite it looks plan. I even used it tonight for cutting up veggies. Worked great and can get the blade to the cutting board.  Should be great for processing deer without actually being an actual kitchen knife. Parkerized finish is rougher than I thought which isn't a big deal. Orange and black is more a dull orange than a blaze orange. Perfectly sharpened as they described for a working edge but it will still shave hair. Haven't hammered or chopped through a 2x4 with it like the mkc owner showed though.



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While the M6 is long gone, I still have the MOD4. 


It lives in my "truck" now, along with a Golok and a Woodsman's Pal. So it really serves no purpose there either.  But I guess slightly better than being in a drawer. I have way too many knives and want way too many more. But I don't have a lot of pictures of them. 

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Scrolling through my photo host, mostly finding pictures of knives I no longer have (the for sale listing photos)  

Here's am interesting one, I wished I'd gotten a picture of all of them together. This is just the top row in a real big box. Years ago now, a group of people and myself from a shooting forum organized sort of a "group buy" on Glock field knives. Not for us, to keep. One of the guy's son was in Afghanistan at the time and we were sending them well, lots of stuff, but one thing they said they didn't have and need was multi tools and knives, they weren't issued anything. So these knives were sent to his son to give out to his unit and anyone else who could use one. Originally we had the initial buy in, but I got two or three times that many as people who wanted in.  I had a little simple web page about it,  people would write a note or a letter and send it to me with payment, and every couple weeks I'd send a box of miscellaneous stuff and some  knives.  In the photo you can see one of them has a note from someone rubber banded to the handle, so this must have very been early on.  IIRC the son ended up being wounded and sent someone to recuperate, but his Sargent or somebody contacted me and I continued to send them to him until they got close to rotating home.  

The late Jeff Quinn (Gunblast.com) used his contacts at Glock to allow me to purchase them wholesale. I so laid out close to $700 for this big ol' box of knives. Most of them did get sent overseas. The last contact I had was an email thanking me, but saying not to send anything else as they were getting close to coming home.  I had maybe a dozen or more left at that point. I offered them up to anyone on the forum who wanted to buy one and the last three or four I sold on Ebay. Not counting the one I saved for myself. 

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