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Rabbits Taking a Dust Bath

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We've been watching rabbits at this one spot taking a dust bath every day. It's comical to watch them flipping around and just chilling out in that spot. Figured since there's been no action on my cams in the woods recently, I'd move a cam to the dusting area.  



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50 minutes ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Shoot that rabbit with a stainless steel broadhead and it will spark when it hits a piece of dirt/rock on the fur.

Is that the rabbit whos lunch you stole ?

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2 hours ago, mowin said:

Mac salad, potato salad, pasta salad? 

A combo of Kale, Romaine, grilled chicken, cukes, tomatoes, cheese, etc. depending on the day. When I worked in nyc it was 4-5 days a week. Easy lunch from Chopt or Sweetgreen.


none of what you said. Mayo is gross to me. 

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